20.1.4 vulkan crash, "now playing" nothing, ReLive memory leak.

Discussion created by defectivebydesign on Jan 30, 2020
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Reports on reddit point to MASSIVE ReLive Memory Leak.

Vulkan CRASHES when using dxvk or reshade, possibly crashes under normal modes too.

Dx9 performance is garbage, dxvk gives you extra 40+ FPS in Dx9 games, but vulkan crashes.

I copied 20.1.3 vulkan dll into game folder, dxvk works, but loads slower.


20.1.4 may possibly fix constant black screens on Vega 56. Haven't tried 20.1.3, but earlier versions were broken for sure.

20.1.4 has "now playing" / "current session" bug, still thinks game is running after exit. This may be related to ReLive memory leak, as ReLive could be infinitely recording nothing.

Haven't tested ReLive in borderless window, but it hasn't worked for previous 20 drivers, probably still broken.


ProTip to raytracing fans, there now is a reshade PTGI shader out there. Don't count on AMD ever sponsoring PTGI native games until next gen consoles and new hardware, which will deliberately ignore last gen cards that support GI and VRS 1.0.


I may revert to 20.1.3 to see if that driver fixes 20.1.4 bugs, but only if black screen is fixed. 20.1.4 is only useful if 20.1.3 still has black screen issues, although I haven't used 20.1.4 long enough to know if it's fully fixed. All 20 series I've tested have been extremely unstable, broken features, and bug riddled.