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Game Advisor tricked by RTSS fps limiter

Question asked by higgih01 on Jan 30, 2020

Given FRTC has not been included in the 2020 edition of Adrenalin, I am using RTSS (alone without MSI Afterburner) to limit my max fps to 60 given this is the refresh rate of my monitor. I have never liked Chill and don't ever use it.


However I have noticed that Game Advisor, while correctly indicating my ave fps at 59.2, is assuming I need to make changes to improve my gaming experience and offers several suggestions. I actually want all my games limited to 60fps.


Perhaps the issue is that as I am using RTSS, Radeon Settings does not recognize a 3rd party fame limiter so gets duped into offering suggestions to improve my gaming experience. This is of course not a major issue for me, just an interesting observation.


AMD - please bring back FRTC as it was a great feature for people like me who wanted to minimize power/heat/noise of our GPUs without resorting to using Chill.  Including FRTC might also inform Game Advisor that the user actually wants their games capped at 60fps (or whatever it is set to).