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fix 2700x low idle voltage crashing

Question asked by t00sl0w on Jan 31, 2020
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system specs

proc - 2700x

mobo - asrock taichi ultimate x470


I have an issue that I dont see mentioned really that much at all. basically, i cant get my machine to have enough voltage at idle to remain stable 24/7...the idle voltage drops to sub .7-.75 w/offset which causes stability issues long term. This is a problem because this machine sidelines as a plex server so it its to be available 24/7.


If I disable XFR/PBO, XMP, basically anything i can to neuter the machine and not have crazy spikes in either direction, then the idle voltage will stay in the .8-.9 range and the system is stable. I dont want to do this as i would like max performance as i also game on this machine, encode, render, etc.


What i have seen with testing and playing with the offset is i basically i have to move it all the way up to like -.02-.03 to keep it as close to .77-.79 that i can get and this gives me "ok" idle stability, sometimes. BUT the problem becomes the single core boosting spikes stupid high, like 1.51 and the all core goes up to the 1.36-1.37 range. If i increase the offset to -.1 then the single core spikes are max like 1.44 and the all core is 1.32, and along with this my frequencies in single core and all core are a little higher....ive seen all core in the high 4.1, close to 4.2 sustained, when i use this offset....BUT, obviously, idle is .69-.7 and the system crashes if i leave it alone for a couple hours.


What, i would love to be able to do is set a hard minimum voltage, I dont know if this is possible in pstates or what....but set a minimum at like .85, .9 or something and then use the .-1 offset and leave the rest on auto as i am perfectly happy with how the system functions when in use, with that offset and voltage...its just that idle.


Thanks for any help guys.