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DX9 game stutter due to insufficient clock speed (FIX FOUND)

Question asked by masterleafcnc on Jan 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2020 by wasnvidia

So, after purchasing this card to play some newer titles I also expected it to run the older ones. I run a retro youtube channel and need them to work.

Anyways, I was wrong and it turned out to be 3 days of agony trying to get the game I play the most work (command and conquer 3). The game was stuttering like crazy and lagged terribly. I later discovered through GPU-Z that the clock speed was fluctuating between 6mhz and 130mhz. which isn't sufficient for the 4k resolution I was running the game at. Moving on, I used OBS to fix the issue by just leaving it on without recording, and it keeps the gpu clock speed above 600mhz, (not 6) without increasing gpu usage. 


I do have an issue though with full screen, I keep needing to alt tab twice into the game because alt tabbing once results in a huge amount of lag and stutter. I have tried the last four driver releases and each exhibit this. Would be nice if this was looked into and DX9 titles are given more love. On this occasion I think it's an issue with the power management and the card unable to retain a stable clock speed in less demanding games. Should be fixable through a driver, right ?