Ryzen 5 3500u 1400MHz in games (Acer A315-41g)

Discussion created by adefe on Jan 29, 2020
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Acer Aspire A315-41G
AMD Ryzen 3500u + Vega8
2*8 DDR4 2400MHz 14-14-14-35 (HyperX HX424S14IB2K2/16)
AMD Radeon 535 2GB GDDR5
Windows 10 1909
GPU Driver 19.12.3 (Autodetect)
Chipset Drivers

Problem: CPU frequency stays mostly at 1.4GHz while gaming, although it boosts up to 3+GHz while running CPU benchmarks (CPU Z, Cinebench, Aida64 PGPGU).
According to tests by TechEpiphany ( 2:20) this hardware can run Dota 2 on medium preset with 80+ FPS on Vega8 and 95+ on Radeon 535, but I have 50FPS dropping to 25 in some cases. All windows settings are set to maximum performance.
Firstly, I updated my bios and chipset drivers, this did not help, then I decided to by new RAM to activate dual channel memory, however, this did not help too. CPU frequency was the same all the time.
I noticed that there are some programs, such as benchmarks and others (anydesk) that can boost CPU, so while I was sharing my screen with Anydesk while gaming CPU clocks were normal (but FPS was still low).
I tried to edit P_State 1 and 2 with RyzenTest, but this did not help me to increase FPS and CPU clocks. RyzenController did not work at all.


UPD: powered by battery only, max frequency was only 1.4GHz, 88.93GFlopsFP32,

RAM speed (read, write, copy, latency): 24988 27890 27832 155.3

North Bridge Clock 600MHz.