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ADM Error Code 43 // An error after Windows 10 upgrade from 8.1

Question asked by nozza on Jan 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2020 by kingfish

Hi. My PC DELL XPS 8700 was using AMD Radeon R9 270 and there is an error after I upgraded the PC to be Win 10 from 8.1.


I've tried to install the suggested one from the auto-detect installer and also tried to install from AMD Radeon R9 270 driver download page (Win 10 64 bit) , but nothing happens.


I can still see an error on the Device Manager.


I can see RADEON software is on the taskbar, but it shows an error too.


I want to detect my 2nd monitor and set up a dual monitor.

Would you please help me to fix this problem?


Thank you!