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3950X unstable with only 10% increased limits

Question asked by edhunter on Jan 29, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2020 by edhunter

I recently built system with Ryzen 3950x and MSI MEG x570 Ace. The issue I am having is the stability. If I increase the limits with only 10% - I cannot pass full cycle of prime95 blend test. It freezes or reboots somewhere between 2nd - 8th hour.


Here are the system specs:

Ryzen 3950

MSI x570 Ace, bios v17 (latest)

EK performance 360 water cool kit

2x16GB gskill F4-3200C14D-32GVK (and also tested with other 2x8GB kit)

PSU be quiet dark pro 11 1000w


BIOS settings:

Enable a-xmp,

pbo - advanced, limits - manual - PPT 156W, TDC 105A, EDC 154A.

Other bios settings are on their default/auto values.


This is not supposed to happen I believe or it would make pbo completely useless.. damn only 10% makes it unstable. It does not overheats, I have hwinfo logs during the prime tests and can share the data.


Could I have bad cpu or motherboard? (I exclude the memory because I confirmed the same behaviour with another memory)


Could I do something in order to get stability with at least 10%-20% increased limits?


P.S attached is some hwinfo data from first 2 hours of prime95 with no increase of limits (green) vs 10% increased limits (red).