Switchable Graphics Problem - Done my research

Discussion created by nethor on Jan 29, 2020
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Hello. I would like to explain my problem and see if anyone is able to help me sort this out...

I have a HP Pavilion 15-aw002nm and the problem is in switchable graphics on win10.
Since i wont bother you with how we get to these problems, i see that this is a topic going on for years now. I see some people solving it and stuff but never for my specific problem.
So i have an integrated R5 510mb Vram and R7 dedicated 4gb Vram.
The problem is that i tryed solving this by clean install a several times with different methods, ddu driver cleaning in safe mode, turning off windows updates and all of that and im still doing something wrong. When i install win7 it does give a lot better performance when using AMD CCC but i want windows 10 and i want this to work.
The problem is that every website where i check the laptop it says that my R7 is 440 series but the drivers that get installed in win10 is for 340. Why? I cant find and download a standalone driver of this card. Only radeon adrenalin software that does install only 340. I cant find any manual drivers?
Also when i go to graphic settings and try changing a game (WoW) to high performance it only shows R5 as both normal and high performance...Also changed my battery settings to max performance. Nothing ever works!
Im not sure but i did update something in bios while on it but that didnt change eather... My laptop is showing problems as if really some drivers are messed up and im sure its about that its showing that i have 340 and not 440.
My PC is slow even if i have 8GB ram and A9 cpu it should run WoW pritty well. On win7 my recommended settings in WoW were on 7 while looking on a scale of 1 to 10 in in-game settings. Now its only 3 and i even have stutter if i set it on 1. PUBG lite also runs pritty lame on low graphics settings and i cant find a way to solve this.
I am willing to reinstall my Win10 and go step by step for this but something is pritty much wrong.
As soon as i install drivers on Win7 the fan in the laptop goes crazy and laptop starts the normal heating process but never on win10... its like i just dont have that GPU. Please help asap because i dont need a new laptop or pc to play wow and pubg lite in my free time. I want to solve this very bad!
Also tryed GTA V it shows in its settings that i have only 512mb of Vram. When im looking at the process monitoring window no matter if its a radeon performance monitor or just task manager, its just dead!?


This is where i got the laptop from

Laptop HP Pavilion 15-aw002nm 15.6"FHD AG,AMD A9-9410 2.9GHz/8GB/1TB/R7M440 4GB/BT/HDMI - WinWin 
It says it has 440 GPU im also sharing a few photos of the problem!
Sometimes the GPU performance shows like its alive but never gets to use its potential.
I am sure that i need to install the 440 driver manualy but i cant find a way. I want a clean install and no additional updates and software that are not neccessery. This auto-detect tool is lame and adrenaline software is not doing its job verry good.
Also wanna add that i tryed also some of the legacy drivers and CCC on win10 but only to find it making more problems by just being alone or together...