AMD Radeon Software is so Cool

Discussion created by saywhut on Jan 28, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2020 by tiolpx

Has anybody tried it out? 


The home page which is the basic monitoring tool looks great and gives very simplistic stats of your hardware while you game.


The video game recording is awesome but needs more enhancements/improvements like being able to block sound from background and certain apps or only record in game, it records everything by default.


My favorite one was connecting it to AMD Link from my phone.  As I was playing on my desktop it was literally streaming from my phone.


What's your experience with it?


it does show FPS but it says N/A there because I alt tabbed to take a pic of the Radeon Software.

The reason is shows N/A for FPS is because I alt-tabbed to take a picture of the Radeon Software, but it is up there while you game.