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[ReLive] No audio recorded on desktop/games and stuttery microphone audio

Question asked by parkouredm on Jan 28, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2020 by recnyo

Hi all. Having this issue for a long time on my 5700 XT. Basically whenever I record using ReLive, no audio from my desktop or games are recorded. Just silence. On the other hand, when I enable microphone recording, there is audio but it stutters a lot. I fixed the stuttering microphone audio by separating the microphone track.


What I've tried (for desktop/game audio):

- Adjusting the video and audio bit rate. Doesn't work. Desktop/game audio still not being recorded.

- Disabling record microphone. Doesn't work too.

- Reinstalled drivers (with DDU). Doesn't work. I had this problem when I first got my GPU (around Nov 2019) and tried all drivers since then. Currently on 20.1.4.

- Switched video encoding type. AVC or HEVC makes no difference. Audio still not being recorded.

- Tried that registry fix found on YouTube. Didn't even need to modify anything because mine is already on the correct setting.


Anyways, I've tried using OBS audio recording definitely works there. But I'd love to use ReLive mostly because of the Instant Replay feature. Plus, I don't have to open up OBS everytime I want to record something. My main priority is fixing desktop/game audio. I don't mind having the separate microphone track but if there's a fix for it it'll be nice. Would really appreciate all the help I can get to fix this. Thanks!