Adrenaline 2020 - Streaming App need focus on window option for VR

Discussion created by discord84 on Jan 27, 2020
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   In order to stream or record VR content many of us Oculus users use the Oculus mirror app.

I find this works fine with OBS but not with the Adrenaline 2020 streaming app. To capture a windowed

app Adrenaline is capturing the whole desk top and not a focused window (like OBS does).


Certain VR game open full screen but black screened on the monitor, Oculus mirror is displaying the content but in order to stream it its need to be the front running App which in turn kills the game playing. A prime example is Euro Truck Simulator 2. Even if the VR game is displayed windowed the Oculuse mirror app still needs to be the front running app.


Please work on this feature as I find the general Adrenaline streaming app to be quite handy apart from this.


So to summarize the Adrenaline streaming app NEEDS to have the option to only focus on the selected window independant of any other window of fullscreen display that's in front of selected window.