Doom 2016 - BSOD

Discussion created by itzkekz on Jan 27, 2020
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First of all i have to excuse me for my bad english but i try my best to make my post understandable and provide as much information i can. So i have a problem with Doom 2016, as the title says.


My Hardware:
CPU: Ryzen 7 3800x

GPU: Saphire RX590 Nitro+

RAM: 16GB 3000MHz


I want to learn speedrunning Doom, so i need the following Software to record my runs:

- Doom 2016

- LiveSplit (To track the time)



If you want to capture Doom 2016, with OBS, you have to set the game to Borderless and set OBS to screen capture (Not game capture). You also need to run Doom in Vulkan Mode, so that LiveSplit can hook the Game and record the time for each level. So i NEED to run Doom in Vulkan Mode. I also use CPU Encoding in OBS, not the AMD Encoder from the GPU. And no, it doesnt work either if i set OBS Encoder to AMD Encoding.


And here starts  the Problem. When i run Doom in Vulkan Mode, with OBS Capturing everything runs fine. But i dont want to play with VSYNC on. Right the moment i disable VSYNC i get a INSTANT "Bluescreen of Death".


I looked up the Bluescreen Dump File and it seems to be related to the AMD Drivers.

I also include some screenshots of my AMD Settings and the Bluescreen Dump.

Bluescreen Dump:


My Settings in the AMD Software: 


If someone need any further information im very happy to provide them.