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RX 580 (8GB) Black Screen Issue

Question asked by skipsy on Jan 26, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2020 by skipsy

So every now and then I will be playing a game, and then my monitor goes black and says "no signal". This usually happens after the pc has been on a long time and I go fullscreen something or alt-tab, but sometimes happens whilst actually playing, usually in Civilization 5 oddly enough. I did a GPU stress test with FurMark, the GPU reaches 83 Celsius and the fan usage maxes about 130% (I don't know how it can be above 100%) and when I alt-tab out of the stress test window itself, it does the same thing. Its also worth noting that the computer and all its peripherals stay on, and I have to hard power off or press the reset button. I'm almost 100% that the GPU fails because of temperature or the high fan usage and so I am also wondering if anyone has a recommendation of a case with good ventilation?