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3400g is not able to play even on 720p

Question asked by jobair6500 on Jan 26, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2020 by cosmicdance

I bought a 3400g and paired with Asrock b450m pro4-f and installed a 4gb ram and galax gamer 240-m.2 PCI-E 2280 SSD. I installed GTA 5 and got the game at 800x600 resolution on the lowest settings while the system is able to play the game on high settings at 1080p. The game isn't suitable for its resolution even when I'm using a 720p monitor. I set uma frame buffer size to 64mb because of the shortage of my ram but in the game, I see 512mb VRAM available. Will this problem be solved if I add another 4gb ram and increase uma frame buffer size? (I increased it to 512mb but no improvement) What could be the other problem if it is?