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3600x under performing

Question asked by cowboywithbanjo on Jan 26, 2020
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Ryzen 5 3600x 

R9 Fury Saphire

b450 max atx mother board 

16 gigs of patriot viper 

1050 watt rose will photon series 

1 tb Samsung ssd 

1 sea gate 1 tb hd





my 3600x has been running at .53 mhz..... when its base should be around 3.0. i do think its even slower than .53 tho as its a pain to even try to type this up (mouse is even lagging behind) i have just switched from an intel cpu that had around 2.8....i cant even game as the r9 is being bottlenecked (this cpu is staying at a idle speed even during gaming, if u consider .50 idle) ... i have erased all the drivers and re downloaded them 1 by one.. nothing changed thus i am now here after 4 hours of researching into this.. any ideas ?