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2020 update causes screen to flicker when in any application, fullscreen or not

Question asked by o0xenogenesis0o on Jan 25, 2020

After installing the 2020 update, my monitor started flickering. It would do this in any app I open It didn't matter if I had fullscreen on, it would just always flicker. This, of course, is annoying. It even happens in my rift s. After going back to an older update there was no flickering, but that older update doesn't have the best VR support. I've tried other versions, the only functional version without going too far back is 19.5.2. 19.6.1 through 20.1.3 all have this problem. My graphics card is an AMD RX 580 and CPU is a Ryzen 5 2600x 6 core, with 16GB RAM.