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atikmpag.sys Causing BSOD but missing in system32/drivers

Question asked by turboprinz079 on Jan 24, 2020



So lately my PC crashed multiple times. Analysing the dmp.files with Bluescreenview i got the info that the driver atikmpag.sys caused the crash. so i went on googling looking for a solution. It says you have to update your Graphic Card Drivers and then rename the atikmpag.sys file in system32/drivers to atikmpag.sys.old and then go to your AMD Folder and expand the atikmpag.sy_ to atikmpag.sys and copy it into system32/drivers.


Here are the Problems: I have no atikmpag.sys in system32/drivers and in my AMD driver folder there is no atikmpag.sy_ only atimpag.sys


I have a Radeon Vega RX 56 Sapphire Pulse (bought October 2019)


Please help me