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I have a Radeon HD 6350 on Window 10 Home 64bit. I think there is a conflict between the newer Radeon 2020 Software and the older Catalyst Contro, Center.

Question asked by woad on Jan 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2020 by kingfish

When I install the software, it installs both the Radeon 2020 and Catalyst software. Should this be happening? Also, the Radeon software is reporting a new version, but the process doesn't go through. It says the new version is 15.71 (i think)...goes into the download process, and nothing else happens. If I try to check for updates in the catalyst launches the 2020 software and the same thing happens. Why am I still getting the old catalyst software? Shouldn't the newer Radeon 2020 software be covering the drivers and other software for the card?