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Abnormal Video Encode Utilization

Question asked by bennythecuriousduck on Jan 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2020 by bennythecuriousduck

PC Specs :

AMD Ryzen 2700x

Gigabyte x570 Ultra Motherboard

MSI Vega 56 Air Boost

(4x16GB) G-Skill F4-3200C16-16GTZRX 


Intel 660p NVMe 1TB

Main Display - Samsung C49RG9x

Secondary - Samsung Q55Q65FN

Radeon Software - 20.1.3


Have still been having the problem and I think another issue is tied into it since it didn't happen until a couple of updates ago. While I'm in a game and I alt-tab sometimes the game crash, causes a black-screen and then when Windows desktop comes back it continuously freezes every few seconds. 


Diving into what could be causing it I noticed that my GPU Video Encode will go from 0% utilization to 100% when the freezes occur. Additionally I have been fixing it by restarting my computer and when I have a fresh boot my video encode starts at ~80% utilization.


(Attached two pictures showing the freezing after a game crash, and then another screenshot when I reboot the system)

Lastly since 20.1.1 I have been experiencing an inability to stream from AMD as it currently stands from Radeon Software. Would give me the 

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