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Radeon Chill is broken in 20.1.3. because AMD have tied Global FRTC to Chill_Max and rapid mouse movement is no longer limited to Chill_Min.

Question asked by colesdav on Jan 23, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2020 by lucianx

Global FRTC has been removed in Adrenalin 2020.

Now we only have Chill Min FPS and Chill Max FPS:



It looks like AMD have tied Global FRTC to Chill_Max setting.
They used to be independent in Adrenalin 2019. 
I used to use
Chill_Min = 30. (I have to go that low on RX Vega 64 Liquid at BFV 4K Ultra to save ~240 W of power when stationary, and avoid game crashing because chill cools the GPU down enough)  
Chill_Max = 300.
Global FRTC = 59 (1 FPS below top end of freeSync range on 4K monitor).
Local Game Profile FRTC off.


This would give me about 55 FPS with keyboard only input in Chill.
Rapid tapping of any WASD key + rapid mouse movement would lock to 59 FPS because of Global FRTC.
If I reduce Chill_Max to 59 I get about 40 FPS with keyboard only input in Chill, which is too low and is around the low end of the monitor FreeSync Range.


Rapid mouse movement used to lock to Chill_Min on DX12 BF1 but was unrestricted in BF1 on DX11.


Now in Adrenalin 2020 it looks like they have tied Global FRTC to Chill_Max setting.

Rapid mouse movement is no longer locked to Chill_Min

Now my only options with Chil are:


Chill_Min = 30.
Chill_Max = 59 (=Global FRTC)


This now means if I want to set FRTC to 59 I get really low 40 FPS when game character is walking or running with keyboard only input.
Rapid mouse movement is locked to 59 FPS.
But the performance with Chill on in this case is too low.


My other choice is
Chill_Min = 30.
Chill_Max = 300 (=Global FRTC)


In this case I now get keyboard only input of around 55 FPS with is ~ o.k.

However Rapid mouse movement FPS shoots up to over 85.
This causes the GPU to overheat and guaranteed crash.

I run Chill with VSync off.
Chill  runs at 30-55FPS so VSync on = lag.
I also tried enhanced Sync with Chill - it crashes constantly.


So I need Global FRTC as a separate option to Chill_Max.
And I need Chill_Min.

Please fix this.
You need to

Decouple Chill_Max from Global FRTC.
Put 3 sliders back.

1 for Global FRTC

1 for Chill_Max

1 for Chill_min.

Also please give users the option to allow rapid mouse movement to be locked to Chill_Min.

I have gone from situation where I could use Radeon Chill to run BFV at 4K Ultra with ~ acceptable performance in Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1 to a situation where I cannot run the game with those settings any more because I either get very low performance or the game crashes.