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20.1.3 Drivers: same problem(s), report them!

Question asked by on Jan 22, 2020
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I am posting about the newest drivers released on 1/21/2020, v20.1.3.  I installed the drivers after uninstalling my old ones, v19.12.1.  With the old drivers, I could play everything fine.  My problems showed up after I let me monitor go to sleep.   If I played a game after my monitor woke up, typically my screen would turn black forcing me to power cycle my system.  One solution to all of this is I did find is if I disabled Freesync then everything worked fine.  There were no problems when I used a Vega 64 prior to buying my 5700 XT.


Anyway, with the new drivers if I play a game for a short period of time the screen blacks out for 3-5 seconds then I am dumped back to the desktop.   No error messages or anything.  Toggling Freesync off/on does nothing.  With the new drivers, I absolutely cannot play a game and must go back to the older version.


The good news is going by the release notes it appears AMD is aware of some issue(s) which may resolve what I'm seeing so I am hopeful. After all, the notes mention numerous bugs were resolved so perhaps a future driver will fix this mess. 


I reported my issue to AMD.  If you are having issue(s) be sure to report them to AMD.  Hopefully we can get these fixed.


Chris Smith