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Suggested minimum and maximum gpu for 4k editing in 10 bit colour with open GL and casual gaming in 1080p?

Question asked by thelitlprince on Jan 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2020 by pokester

Build im purchasing - EIZO 10 bit display 4K, corsair 850 watt psu, ryzen 9 3950 x, 64GB Corsair ram, x570 MSI motherboard, some water radiator cooling and a high airflow case corsair


I have already purchased the monitor, case, motherboard, psu and cpu. Just a few things to go and im done.


I dont have enough knowledge or experience to properly assess which graphics card will suffice for my application.


I was considering the radeon pro wx 7100 but wondering if that is either overkill or not enough.


I will be running a true 10 bit display from EIZO.


My applications are all adobe. I play gears 5 occasionally but happy to run that at 1080p


I'm currently working off a Dell XPS 15 I9 9980HK 4k wled panel machine. It runs games ok mostly but sometimes struggles. Very poor 4k playback but editing is ok.To view 4k you need to minimise the player right down so the graphics card which is built in to the cpu doesnt melt.


I bench marked system on


Graphics its a surfboard. (Up to 16%) One above a log @ 0% Workstation its a nuclear submarine 92%.


Id like to keep the nuclear submarine capability (hence the ryzen 9 3950x) and upgrade the graphics to minimum 70% which would be a battleship on their scale


What would you buy?