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Incorrect display of performance overlay (RU). I can help...

Question asked by dftm1 on Jan 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2020 by snowflakes68

I'm already tired of seeing this mess, how long can I wait for correction, how many years?

The text is superimposed on the parameters or just too long words are used.

It should actually look something like this

К/С:                        60         (FPS)

ГП:                    100 %        (GPU UTIL)
ГП т.ч.:        2000 МГц        (GPU SLCK)
ГП P:               100 Вт         (GPU PWR)
ГП t:                  50 °С         (GPU CURRENT TEMP.)
СО:           2000 об/м          (GPU FAN) 
ВП:               2000 МБ         (GPU VRAM UTIL)
ВП т.ч.:       2000 МГц         (GPU MLCK)
ЦП:                   100 %         (CPU UTIL)
ОЗУ:                3,5 ГБ         (RAM UTIL)