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20.1.3 BSOD "thread_stuck_in_device_driver"

Question asked by xlox on Jan 22, 2020
Latest reply on May 12, 2020 by xlox

Hello , had no problems with 20.1.2 for several days with my radeon VII , this morning I saw 20.1.3 were out, so wanted to be "up to date" ... result 1h wasted


after 20.1.3 installed , while windows is restarting : BSOD with "thread_stuck_in_device_driver"


so decided to rollback to 20.1.2 with a clean driver installation (driver option "restore to factory defaults at install" )

but at the end when driver wants to load the UI , new BSOD with "thread_stuck_in_device_driver" with 20.1.2 this time !


so I do a DDU , restart and try to re-install 20.1.3 ... installation error message : cannot clean a previous driver , or something like this (amd sound driver i think "auep"  ,dont remember)

and had the message to use amdcleanuputility at this time


so restarted in safe mode , used amdcleanuputility AND ddu


then restarted , installed 20.1.2 without checking the box that says "start the amd software" at the end , and then restarted windows ... now it's seem it's back to normal ... but I won't try 20.1.3 again, waiting for the next one ...