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gpu has exceeded treshhold limits

Question asked by jancsk on Jan 21, 2020



Lately I have a problem with GPU temperature. 


I am Running Saphire Radeon RX 480 8 gb gpu with Intel i7 - 6700k with 16 GB RAM 3000 mhz and Asrock Z170 Extreme 4 Motherboard.


Previously everything was fine, or I didnt know that because I didnt have Adrenaline application, but also there was no warnings before, but still it may be because of adrenaline soft (the reason I didnt notice the problem). 


So lately when I play PUBG on default settings, my GPU heats up to 89, 90, 91 degrees. And then I receive my "GPU has exceeded its treshhold temperature limits". 


Yesterday played COD MW and also there, temperature increases to 89 90 91 degrees. 


Is it normal ? Should I check if there is dust inside the gpu or pay attention to thermal paste change or something? 


I also run 2 displays by the time I am playing, maybe that is the issue ? Yesterday I pluged out one of them, but there was no huge difference in temperature, but yes, I didnt receive a warning. 


What are the possible solutions, of course, new GPU will probablly solve it, but maybe there is still some way to figure this out.