R5 2600 clocks

Discussion created by gscorpius on Jan 20, 2020
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Hi all,


after a long absence from AMD CPU's i've bought a R5 2600 cpu on a budget mobo GA B450m s2h.


Since i'm not that familiar with amd cpu's, i seek advice:


- CPUID HWmonitor shows me that some cores are running up to 4100 mhz


2600 has a base clock of 3400 with boost up to 3900 mhz.


BIOS is set to optimal default, except:


- XMP profile is set to 1 - 2666 mhz ram speed / profile 2 wont boot PC, which is 3000 despite RAM being 3000 mhz (2x same sticks - used prior in intel build), it just not working.


Yesterday all 6 cores showed exact same 4100 max clocks after a while of gaming. Is this an error? No OC was made.


Pictures below shows some of cores again up to 4100 mhz, i installed some programs, watched video, surfed, etc, doing nothing special. 


Anyone a clue whats going on? Wrong readings?