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rx 560 freezing

Question asked by ģrāvī on Jan 20, 2020

So i've recently bought an used Rx 560 Sapphire 2gb Pulse, it was working fine on the game Stalker Anomaly, and some other games, but after a small while it was starting to ''glitch'' and by glitch i mean it was freezing the game and throwing me out to desktop and back in the game, it happens a lot in left 4 dead 2 and sometimes metro 2033 at the point where it either takes a while to get me back into the game or just freezes my system to the point of no return but to force restart, i've tried underclocking it but to no avail. I've done some minor stress tests with Kombustor and they've all been fine, but when i play games it gets bad. I've uninstalled drivers and it was a bit better for a small while, but after a day it's back to the old gander of previously mentioned in left 4 dead 2 problem. This never happened in my system and i've just upgraded. And a small note is that i am using a quite crappy DVI-D Cable but i am going to replace it with a VGA to DVI-D soon so i can use a better monitor.

My specs are

Asrock b85m pro3


12 gb DDR3 

Some cheap 500 watt PSU