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Can someone give me the minimum power requirements for the Radeon Pro WX4100 to push 4 monitors?

Question asked by jtprophet on Jan 20, 2020

Currently I have these massively deployed to a sales team; they are running within a Dell 3430 small form factor machine. Every week they reboot and most of them come back with a what I call 1970s' wallpaper screen that is

purple reddish looking and I'll attach a pic so the image is more understandable. Based on the fact that the card is 

basically built for professional use such as cad/cam solid modeling use I myself dont think that the power supply in these 3430s' have the appropriate power needed to power these cards; looking at the power supplies they appear to be listed as 260 watts as the total continuous output power. I've actually created a case with Dell and have shipped them the exact machine that I was using that the video anomolies were appearing on so that he could see what I was seeing when he took it into the lab; as I suspected he has written back on many occasions and claims that he has yet to see these issues on his end, which is no surprise. Incidentally I took the option of replacing the WX4100 with a 4100 and could not replicate the video issues at all after hours of shutdowns and restarts.