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loss of display connection with adaptive sync enabled

Question asked by bilchjan on Jan 20, 2020

my display loses connection in different games when i have adaptive sync enabled in radeon software.

the computer is still running and probably responds to input, but the screen remains black

even when i try switching to desktop. only way out i found so far is using the power button.

after a restart, everything is fine again.

so far i could confirm this with dota2, factorio and wolfenstein youngblood, but i have now disabled

adaptive sync globally in the radeon settings to avoid this unpleasant problem.


specs are as follows:

mb:gigabyte x570 aorus ultra

cpu: ryzen 7 3800x

ram: gskill trident z rgb 4x8 gb

gpu: powercolor red devil 5700xt

screen: asus mg279q

windows 10 pro 1903


driver version is 20.1.1