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r9 270x unable to display 3 monitors, no eyefinity in radeon adrenaline 2020?

Question asked by gitagogaming on Jan 19, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2020 by frankomio

Thanks for coming to help!   


I have a powercolor r9 270x which has 1 dvi-i, 1 dvi-i,d, 1hdmi, and 1 display port


I am trying to hook up 3 monitors to this card and from my research its more than possible.. so I have.

Video Card outs:
Monitor 1: HDMI port to HDMI Monitor
Monitor 2: DVI-I port to DVI-I which is adapted to VGA. 
Monitor 3: Display port out to DVI-I Adapter


so.. I can get two monitors to work.. any which way.. I can unplug monitor 1.. and now monitor 3 kicks on.. i plug back in monitor 1.. monitor 3 turns off.. I unplug monitor 2.. now monitor 1 and 3 are on.. and so on..   


What is it that is going on here thats stopping 3 from displaying at once?  windows 'recognizes it' but wont let me assign it anything, wont 'identify' it.. bt it detects it...  Everything is fresh on this PC so I dont expect any driver issues honestly..