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Can we get the advanced display settings in Adrenalin 2020

Question asked by solidshake on Jan 19, 2020

I do sim racing, etefinity in 2019 is easy to setup if you dont have 3 of the same monitor. 


2020 edition is even easier, IF you have the same monitor. 


my left monitor is a 22" 900p. center is a 24" 1080p and my right is a 22" 1080p


in Adrenalin 2019 you can open advanced display settings, and select one of the 3 options for eyefinity display to fill, fit or center.


in 2020, you cant open this option, so my monitors are all at 900 cutting off the bottom half of my other 2 monitors, AND in racing games, the center screen is not center to the game. the "center" is about 2 inches to the right. 


please bring this option back. 2020 runs so much faster than 2019.