AMD Threadripper 1950X @ 3.80Ghz Help.

Discussion created by freakyyyy on Jan 19, 2020
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Hi guys, I have a question about overclocking the 1950X @ 3.80Ghz and what if its safe or not.


Motherboard: Asrock taichi X399 BIOS ver 3.90


AMD 1950X @ 3.80Ghz on Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 dual-fan config using Noctua NT-H2 Thermal paste.

Core Voltage 1.2V

ideal temps 25c~30c

100% MAX Load temps 58c~60c

Rendering daily for hours with 3ds MAX V-Ray & Corona.


So far running fast & stably with zero issues but the question is when it comes to the CPU life cycle it should be fine & safe?



Thank you.