Getting black screen when playing 4k on netflix using microsoft edge. fix?

Discussion created by bogzamd on Jan 18, 2020

Now with the new microsoft edge is based off on chromium, I want to try it out since I've been using Opera for a while now.

When watching netflix on my pc, I always use the windows app since it can play 4k but its not really user friendly, Netflix says it can also play 4k on edge but everytime I try to play 4k netflix on edge. screen goes black then disables the display driver of my r5 3400g, I checked on Device Manager. And also there is a notification on windows that say display driver wont start and it will be using microsoft basic display driver instead. If I refresh the page. It will play, but not in 4k and it is laggy because windows unloaded my device driver and will start using Microsoft Basic Display driver instead. I had to re enable the driver for my r5 3400g on the device manager. But then again if I press play, it goes black again and the cycle goes on. I updated my driver on the latest and is always is updated.

Any of you guys have this problem? I really want to try this new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium.

My Rig:

R5 3400G

Asrock B450M Pro4-F

Hyperx Fury 2x4gb 2666mhz

Windows 10 v1903

Edit: I turned off hardware acceleration, and netflix played but not 4k. only 720p