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Temperature 3950x questions

Question asked by gzurp on Jan 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2020 by cosmicdance

I have installed my 3950x in a new rig (corsair 500d rgb platinium, 850w, h115i, mp600 2tb, 3 fans corsair ll120 front 120mm, one fan be quiet back 120 and the 2 fans ll140  from h115i on the top, rtx 2080 ti, 32 gb ram 3600mhz cl 16). 


My pbo is off and the offset cpu is -0.05v (everything else is by default auto, except the memory settings). Everything works, no bsod, no freeze..I can work and play.except...


I must open 2-3 times (average) to get ryzen master (else i have a message it's unable to initialize...).


My idle is less than 41 degree after 2  hours utilization... When I boot it's between 37 degrees-  peak 53 degrees (average 39). the speed max is 4480mhz (no 4700 mhz)

cinbench max temp 63 degrees (after 5 tests done one after one), score only 9100, cpu single 505 (58 degrees).

After 2 hours gaming it's 61 degrees (with some peak at 68 degrees during 2-3 seconds)..

My ssd Mp600 is at 63 degrees max after 2 hours gaming (hwiinfo)

the cpu and ssd mp600 seems too hot. the rtx 2080 ti is at 74 degrees.


I have mx4 paste thermal (X application on cpu) (I have done it two times -> same behavoir).


Is it normal temperature, normal boost freq? how to get lower value-> change thermal paste mx4 to Kryonaut, ?