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Black screen vega 56

Question asked by mcgee on Jan 17, 2020
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Today i decided to finaly post somewere the problem i have with my gpu


To start lets say the gpu is working so after 1 month i change the thermal paste because this model of vega56 is very noisy because it overheat a lot (MSI Airboost vega56 8g oc)


i am using it since 1year, but i randomly get black screens (2-3 sec max) when i play or on my desktop when i check mail,video,music etc... sometimes no black screens on the week and sometimes 3 times per day


PC is not freezing or crashing i can still play i have sounds and full control of what i am doing i just lose screen signal like a very fast reboot of my display 2-3 sec


So i tried to unplug the card, did a nice clean of the gpu (new paste again and pcb cleanup) and a clean of the motherboard pci slot, i tried the other bios with the switch on the gpu, tested all displayport ports, multiple drivers, OC , undervolt, nothing...


Now i have another monitor and the funny thing is when i get the black screen my 2nd monitor dont get the black screen only my main


My motherboard : Aorus z370 gaming 3 

1st monitor : msi optix27c on vesa displayport (bough this 50€ cable to be sure it was not a faulty cable)

2nd monitor on hdmi


Ive tested my old gpu (r9 290) on displayport with the same cable for 1 month and i dont get the issue anymore


Anyone have the same issue with vega56 or even other cards ?


Every help is welcome ^_^