CNN DarkNet on OpenCL

Discussion created by sowson on Jan 17, 2020
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Hello, recently I made the DarkNet on OpenCL that is technology that really passionate me and I started recently PhD studies on AI field. I am using few different GPUs, recently 2 x AMD Radeon VII that works very well on my research. I have few issues... well minor issues but still.


First is that I can use only my trivial GEMM implementation for MultiGPU.

Do you know why clBLAS and CLBlast not support multi-threading environment?


Second I was wonder how fast comparing to Radeon VII is WX Pro series.

I was wonder can someone can test it on the AMD Pro GPUs that I do not have?


You may see my comparison at: DarkNet CUDA vs OpenCL and CPU vs NVIDIA vs AMD – coding by to design


My project is at: GitHub - sowson/darknet: Convolutional Neural Networks on OpenCL on Intel & NVidia & AMD & ARM for macOS & GNU/Linux


Enjoy! .