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Even on AGESA and PBO enabled my R5 3600 reaches max 3925/3950Mhz on multi-core tasks

Question asked by bbainfo2020 on Jan 16, 2020

I am using the latesdt version of AGESA ( and the latest chipset drivers from AMD (01/16/2020).
My R5 3600 isn´t reaching 4.2Ghz on multi-thread benchmarks like Cinebench R15 and R20.
On Userbenchmark it is saying 3.95Mhz Boost.

It boosts only on single-thread/core activities to 4.1Ghz when opening Chrome browser or file explorer on Windows 10.

The last AGESA was supposed to improve boot times and for me they are the same.
PBO enabled seems to be worse than when in AUTO or DISABLED.
AGESA worse scores than on many different benchmarks.

Why is that happening? Why didn´t AMD fix that still? Or the problem is with MSI?


My specs are:


Ryzen 5 3600
MSI Gaming Plus x470 
SSD Crucial MX500 512GB


32GB of RAM Gskill Ripjaws V


Appreciate if someone can help me.