Disable Game Mode for Certain Applications

Discussion created by freshby69 on Jan 16, 2020
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Graphics card: RX 580 8 GB

Desktop running Windows 10


My issue is that I want to disable game mode for when I am using Google Chrome. I accidentally enabled it when I was using the Windows Game Bar, this causes my Radeon GPU to Use ReLive mode and record instant replays, this means when I am using Chrome it is constantly recording and using GPU power. I would like this to not happen as it will make my PC run quieter. The problem is that I can't open the Windows Game Bar anymore, I ran a Windows debloater application which gets rid of all the Microsoft pre-installed programs on Windows 10, so there is no way to turn it off within Windows Game Bar, when I press WIN+G nothing happens. I want instant replays to still be enabled for when I am playing games so simply turning it off is not an option.


Thanks in advance.