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Feature Suggestion; Radeon ReLive on screen timer indicator - Show it while recording but not in the recorded video file.

Question asked by levelgap on Jan 16, 2020

Should be a no brainer.. This should be a basic feature.. Or is this currently already possible and I just missed it? Is there an option for this in the software? If so, it should be On by default I say..


Also, shouldn't the options to toggle the timer be in 'General' as well? Instead of having to dig through the 'Streaming' tab?


Man I am starting to regret swapping out my 2060 super..  It was not as powerful as my new 5700xt nitro+ but everything 'just worked'. Step up your driver game AMD, please. If this card did not look so dam sexy in my rig... I probably would swap it out for a 2070 super right about now..