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RX 5700XT  reflections & transparent/shadows texture problem

Question asked by sentinar on Jan 17, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2020 by lotusmad2001
Before you write it, I tried:
clean install windows 10, various driver versions
from 19.7.5 to 20.1.2,
different graphics settings
and many other different options- nothing helps!

Here is a long known problem.
Some 5700XT cardholders suffer from it.
Defects can be found in almost every game.
Here are a couple of the most obvious examples:

Bug Reflections in Need for Speed 2015

Strange glitch in Dayz

Transport Fever 2 BUG: Visual Artifacts

Maybe all because of the problem described here:
Texture sampling is different on RX 5700 XT? 


The problems have been known since October 2019.
AMD do something with this, please.