3600 performance

Discussion created by lotusmad2001 on Jan 14, 2020
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Hi guys!


I've just build a new PC and used the Ryzen 3600. Everyone with the CPU appears to get between 3500 - 3600 on cinebench R20.


I get 3350...


I thought it was the cooler (wraith stealth) it was peaking about 80 degrees peak. I have now bought a wraith prism but despite it's high praise it has only lowered the temperature to 75 peak.


I am still getting the same scores.


Of course cinebench scores are just a number but I want to make sure I am getting the most out of my new PC before I buy a new graphics card.


Specs are


AMD 3600 with Wraith Prism

MSI B450 Tomawhawk MAX

16gb Corsair 3600mhz C18 Ram (Dual channel, XMP ON)

Corsair MP510 SSD

GTX 260 (temporary)

650 Corsair Vengeance PSU


Hope you guys can help me


Many thanks!