Since Vega64 to 5700XT

Discussion created by bombe on Jan 14, 2020
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I have another problem with my 5700XT. I had the same problem with my old vega64


I have an inverter APC UPS pro 1500. (865W / 1500VA) and sometime, when i play on a game, i have peak to 1800W.
I found that bug with my inverter cause when it reach its maximum load, some fans starts.
My first vega64 burned up on his cable. So i bought another one and i decided to search why.


I downloaded some software (pict bellow) and looked why. And i found a 1800w consommation.

Its just a peak and i dont know why and how its possible.

It last bellow 0.5s but its able to damage your graphic card. (See the second pict)


Then i still have that problem with my 5700XT. Sometime i have a blackscreen and the AMD software crash or with an alert with AMD pop-up defaut power.

Please help me to clear those problems.