Windows 10 video card preference not working ???

Discussion created by ichisuke on Jan 15, 2020

Hi there. I've got this problem and I don't know if it's game-based or what.

Anyway my setup includes a gigabyte hd3p mobo, i5 8400 cpu and an RX 580 8 GB. Driver installed is latest adrenalin version.

Now... the issue is something I could just avoid by using the RX as a primary GPU connected to the monitor....

But the monitor is actually connected to the motherboard HDMI, so Windows 10 it's mostly using the intel gpu for almost anything by default.

Some games works just fine and use the RX580 without doing anything(so there is a video signal passthrough) but some games won't and use the iGPU, making them unplayable.... If I try to force the high performance profile at some games in the windows 10 monitor/power settings those games still use the intel gpu.... 

Is there something wrong with windows 10? I know this option works fine because if I try to change which gpu to use for potplayer I can see the change successfully in task manager, I suppose windows 10 is not able to force all the games/apps?

I'm using the computer this way because I need the igpu to encode/decode videos using intel quick sync. If I connect the RX directly to the monitor I'd lose that option... because the video editing software I use won't recognize the intel gpu once the monitor is connected to the RX directly... ...