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Question asked by surface21 on Jan 15, 2020
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GPU: MSI RX 580 OC 8gb

CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 (stock)

Mobo: Asus prime b450m-a

RAM: 16gb@3000mhz

Monitor: Asus VP228QG 1080@75Hz FreeSync (DP connected)

OS: Windows 10 64bit

Driver version: 20.1.1




Yesterday I configured AMD Relive for streaming purposes. After changing a couple settings and enable game streaming, I was able to get signal up to twitch and to stream properly. A couple hours later I tried going live once more, and the following screen was displayed: 

The stream starts up normally but the only output that I get to twitch is that screen. I was using previous driver version before, so I assumed that could be the reason.

After updating to 20.1.1, I tested streaming again, getting the same result.

It is important to mention that I tried streaming through OBS for debugging purposes, which worked perfectly fine.


Thanks in advance.