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AMD 5700 XT weird noise

Question asked by nemic on Jan 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2020 by mishngun




So I have tried to "fix" this for a couple of days with no luck.

It started with software update 19.12.3, fun thing is that even if I go back to 19.12.1 or 2 the noise persist, even with the latest drivers it still doesn't go away, I had to go back as far as 19.8.1, thing is I cannot play certain games because of old driver.



So, I am most certain that it's not coil whine, you can describe the sound as buzzing/electrical interference/electrical glitching, not the "normal sound of coil whine".

It happens when I am scrolling, hovering over icons and moving the mouse, even if I have some applications up, like Radeon software, it is quiet when I am playing games.

Why I am certain that it is not coil whine is because it happens in certain drivers. What is causing this in the drivers I do not know. I bought my GPU in november, had no problem with it, updated to latest drivers as soon as they got released, but when I installed the 19.12.3, it just happened.


I have tried my best to get a proper sound sample.

Is anyone having a similar problem or am I just the only one?