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Any way to unlock fan control?

Question asked by motorbit on Jan 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2020 by kingfish

i do own a r580x graphic card. exept for my graphic card, my computer is very quitet when idle. i have tried to use the radeon software fan control to fix this, but i find the fan control of the radeon software to be highly unsatisfying:


if i set a manual fan courve, i can not set any fan speed below 1200 rpm, witch will make some noise.

if i do not use the fan tuning, the driver will stop the fans entirely when the card is colder then ~57°c - HOWEVER, as soon as my card hits this threshold, the fan will spin up to 1500 rpm, making quite some noise, and then stop again. this will result in fans off for 2-3 minutes, fan on for 30-60s. this is very very annoying and much wose then just to set 1200rpm due to the chaning noise witch is much more disturbing then a steady one.


my question now is: ***?

why cant i just set 600rpm? this would keep my card at below 55° without any noticable noise. i can use 3.d party tools do do this yes. but why? i do not want to start yet another tool just to set the fan speed i want. the radeon software has this feature - why does it not allow me to to do what i want?

is there any workaround? i understand that i could mod my bios to get where i want, but i also understand that this would mean i also had to mod each and every driver update because the radeon software then woudl flag my bios as faulty, so thats a bad solution too.


any advise? i am quite annoyed.