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Rx580 HDMI scaling stuttering

Question asked by treeefiddy on Jan 13, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2020 by colind

Installed a new XFX RX580 8gb

Have had trouble with drivers since I got it

Figured out all driver issues with help of another monitor

Everything works perfect when no HDMI scaling is enabled. 

Unfortunately my screen overscans hard so I need the scaling to see the entire screen as it’s stretched. 

Once scaling is enabled I get insane stutters and lag on every application including YouTube, games, and everything other than Hulu, and Netflix. I assume this is because of issues with HDCP which many users end up disabling on this card. 

Regardless with HDCP enabled and all monitor(it’s a Sony tv)  settings underscanned as much as possible I still need the HDMI scaling. 

I’ve seen others with this issue, hoping someone has found a solution.

To sum up: When HDMI Scaling is used, stuttering is present. When HDMI scaling isn’t used, there’s no stutter but my screen doesn’t appear correct.