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Windows 7 Updates last chance reminder.

Question asked by colesdav on Jan 13, 2020
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Windows 7 EOL = January 14 2020.


If anyone is intending on keeping an active version of Windows 7 for desktop PC or Laptop for legacy software support or other reasons you will need to run Windows 7 Updates today to make sure you get all of the final updates for non business users. Make sure you run a full system backup, set a restore point and then check for updates. 

You might want to download and install latest optional features like language packs as well.

I am keeping one PC and one Laptop with an Active version of Windows 7 Ultimate.
If you are running AMD GPUs then I advise you install Adrenalin 2019 19.1.1 if your desktop/laptop supports it and forget Adrenalin 2020 completely, but it is up to you.

It is likely that many users are still running Windows 7, and do not want to use Windows 10. 
I do not know what the solution will be for them if they are on AMD GPUs as there is no driver GUI for alternative OS like Ubuntu/Linux.