Probably a fix for the crash and blackscreen problems

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hi first of all sorry for my english , english is not my native lenguage


i just wanted to share something that i did that has fix my problems with the crashes and blackscreen freezes ,like alot of you guys i was having that freez and blackscreen problem with my Rx 5700 Xt Red Devil Edition and it was driving me nuts anyway after weeks of trying i think i manage to fix the problem i played yesterday Red Dead Redemption 2 for like 4 hours with out a crash or anything i also play BFV for like 2 and half hours and no crash everything was smooth the day before yesterday also i played BFV , Red dead 2 and The witcher 3 for hours with out a crash or black freez screen or any bluescreen problems and you guys wont believe what the problem was atleast for me and i hope it fix the problem for you guys as well 


first if you have any drivers installed like 19.12.1 or any drivers DO NOT USE DDU to uninstall your drivers please use the AMD utility you can download it from here - https://drivers.amd.com/drivers/amdcleanuputility.exe 

i read from someone here on the forums i think that DDU doenst delete all the right Registry.

second install the your latest drivers - https://www.amd.com/en/support   

after that restart your pc and now comes the big part im 100% if not 90% sure most of you use Discord 

Open Discord 

Go to settings , appearance , then disable Hardware Acceleration.

what this does is it uses your GPU to make Discord Smoother

after i turned this off all my problems went away i really dont need hardware acceleration sinds i dont see any difference between on and off it might be a bug or something i dont know whats causing the problem with AMD cards , because when i had my gtx 980ti i never had a problem with discord

anyway right now im enjoying my RX 5700 Xt with the latest drivers 20.1.1 with out a problem.

i hope it helps for those having problems with crashes and blackscreen and all that


i will keep this post updated .....PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Update #1    3 days with out a crash everything is working fine


another tip -  for those who use Razer Synapse please remove it from your AMD Radeon Software 

open Radeon software go to gaming from there right click on razer synapse and remove it 

for some reason the amd radeon software  detects synapse as a game and it keeps running even if you not playing any games

this also may cause problems with your games sinds it force your gpu to use more power just in case please remove it...


Update #2  i can confirm that hardware accelaration in any program causes problems for example in google chrome i was getting freezing and crashes after disabling hardware accelaration no more crashes or freezes.

i also use VLC media player and i was getting freezing and crashes everytime i tried to fast foward a movie or a videoclip but after disabling hardware accelaration no more crashes with VLC media player so yeah i can confirm something is really wrong with AMD drivers and hardware accelaration so please AMD FIX IT ASAP