AMD says F&^% you to custom BIOS, ''We break our own cards''

Discussion created by john007 on Jan 11, 2020

In 2016, a custom BIOS was released which disabled Powerplay for the Fury X, it was fantastic, it never locked up after that, 100% stable.


But listen to this, I didn't know about this, apparently AMD knew about this FuryX BIOS fixing their issues so AMD spent money making sure their next GPU, the Vega, had a BIOS security feature preventing you from flashing a custom ROM.


So its the same problem with the VII and XT, they have a security feature which prevents you from flashing a BIOS that would actually fix the GPU.


Can you see where the money goes here? AMD spend their money trying to stop the users fixing the issues, its as simple as that.


It all started with the HBM lockdown on the FuryX, they knew how good the GPU was with a custom BIOS so they purposely locked the HBM OC.


Now we have a test fix for the VII, I cant write here because of AMD, I need some time to test out the theory.


If it works, it will fix the black screen issue, the reason for the black screen of death is because of the dynamic core/voltage fluctuation. (Useless Powerplay)


Now why would you prevent the user from fixing their products? Could it be that they need the GPU's to crash all the time to get users to purchase a NVidia GPU? You see, AMD/NVidia are a family run business.


Don't get it twisted.